Advanced pest services in Glenmore Park

When it comes to pest services for your home or office, leave it to the professionals at Crystal Clear Pest Control in Western Sydney, Penrith & Blue Mountains. Pests can transmit diseases and even ruin the structure of your whole house. Our specialists are trained to evaluate the core issue of your pest problem and annihilate the problem before it spreads. Your safety is out priority.

Pest services to protect your home and family

Crystal Clear Pest Control in Western Sydney, Penrith & Blue Mountains has a range of general pest services for domestic pest control to ensure the health and safety of your family. These include:

  • cockroaches (American and German)
  • spiders
  • ants
  • bees and wasps
  • silver fish
  • bird lice
  • fleas
  • rats and mice
  • termite inspections (including pre purchase)

Commercial pest services for new buildings

Our Commercial clientele range from home building companies, concreters, bricklayers and owner builders to whom we provide termite barrier work for new homes, villas and extensions. Our pre-construction pest services include:

  • plasmite termite blanket
  • camilleri reticulation 
  • under slab sprays 

Safety first

At Crystal Clear Pest Control we put safety first, above everything else. This is why we don't use harsh chemicals that are harmful to people or pets. All our chemicals are purchased through Garrards Pty Ltd in Seven Hills, and are of the highest quality and completely safe for:

  • asthmatics
  • pregnant women
  • children
  • pets

Why not contact our helpful and experienced staff today for an obligation free quote on our pest services in Glenmore Park!

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